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 The rules!

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PostSubject: The rules!   Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:03 pm

These are the rules of this forum: not spam.[that is when you double post or post only one or two words double posting is when you post 2 times in a row.] not hack. not use adult things. not curse. not post the same cheat over and over

6.if you want to make another account you got to email me or a mod. not be mean to other users and mods and if mods see you they will ban you for how ever long they want so dont do it!!!

6. Posting excessive links to other forums may get you banned.

7. No Advertising (see "Advertising section down).

8. No multiple-accounts allowed.

9. No posing.

10. No Post-a-Thons.

11. No copy posting.

12. No posting of "hacks" in the forum.

i hope you obe these rules or else!!!
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The rules!
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